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Chauvet Freedom Strip is totally wireless. Just place it anywhere and the room with no concerns of wires. Will last for 8 hours on battery power.

Color modes can be changed wirelessly.

Modes: Solid color, chase, dim, black out.

$30/unit of 10/$250





$20/UNIT OR $150/10

Create a fun and exciting atmosphere with our 30 Watt RGB LED Flood Light! This light is slightly larger and brighter than the 10 Watt RGB LED Color Changing Flood Light.The 120v light produces a 135 degree beam angle, allowing the light to reach wide spaces. They emit a super bright and high output light that features color combinations between red, green, and blue levels through the remote control. The controller (included) has 24 variations of effects, some of which include; flash, strobe, fade, and smooth sequences. Not only can you change between different colors and effects, but you also have complete control over the brightness of the light output.

The RGB LED Color Changing Flood Light is an ideal application for both outdoor and indoor use, being both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The 30 Watt RGB LED Flood Light is commonly used for yard and patio lights. Light up the landscape by your home or business, and wash the walls with color. The included mounting bracket provides an easy installation process! No need to worry about changing the light for awhile, our lights are rated to last for more than 50,000 hours!

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