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Sound Rentals


STANDARD DO-IT-YOURSELF SOUND PACKAGE: $70/weekend includes 400 watt powered speaker,  laptop with Virtual DJ, mixing board, 1 microphone and approx. 60000 songs. suitable for medium rooms. Simply type any part of the song or artist to find or reserve. Software has an Automix Feature that can play provided playlists endlessly for background music and dancing.

PLAYLISTS: COCKTAIL HOUR, DINNER, DANCING with varying music for each
LARGE PACKAGE: 600watt amplifier and 2 Full Range speakers can be rented for an additional $20.

DELIVERY, SET UP AND PICK UP: Starts at $40 depending on travel time. You can save by picking it up at our place.

PAYMENT METHODS: Cash, Check, Venmo, Credit Cards or use Paypal button on the Home page

RETURN DEPOSIT: $50 in most cases returned when you bring back everything

400 Watt speaker

400 watt speaker.jpg

VIDEO on how to use software for Music or Karaoke

VIDEO on How to set up sound or karaoke system

How to set up 1 speaker sound system

Large 600 watt sound system

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